Explosion Proof Flashlights

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Explosion Proof Flashlights

Explosion proof flashlights, also known as intrinsically safe torches, are an essential piece of equipment for those working in hazardous areas. These flashlights are designed to prevent sparks or static discharge, which can cause an explosion or fire.

When choosing an ex rated flashlight, you must consider the zone classification of the hazardous area in which the equipment will be used. Some areas are classified by classes and divisions, while others are classified by ATEX or IECEx zones.

What to look for in an explosion proof flashlight?

One of the most important things to look for in an explosion proof flashlight is a high level of durability. These flashlights are often used in rough conditions, so they need to be built to withstand drops, impact, and extreme temperatures. Many intrinsically safe torches are also waterproof, which makes them suited for all-weather use.

Another feature to take into consideration is the battery life of the intrinsically safe torch. This is especially true when workers rely on the flashlight for an entire 8-hour shift. Some flashlights come with rechargeable batteries, whereas others come with disposable batteries. Rechargeable flashlights are most suitable for frequent use. So that you know, charging or replacing batteries is prohibited in any hazardous area.

Finally, it’s essential to consider the size and weight of the flashlight. Many explosion proof flashlights are designed to be lightweight and compact. This makes them easy to carry and use. Some flashlights also come with a clip or holster, which can conveniently attach the flashlight to a belt or bag. This comes in handy when workers need to have both their hands free.

In conclusion, explosion proof flashlights are a vital piece of equipment for those working in hazardous environments. When choosing a flashlight,  the required certificate, durability, battery life, size, and weight are essential features.