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Petrel XN Series

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The Petrel XN series are certified lighting fixtures suitable for ATEX Zone 2 and 22.

LED and traditional fluorescent options are available.

The “unrestricted breathing” designation reduces maintenance costs as no testing is required during routine inspections.

Please note that the given price applies to the 2ft / 2x18w / 3300lm emergency fluorescent version.

Check the top-left corner of the product image for certifications. For the latest details, refer to the datasheet or contact us. Generally, these certifications apply to the following regions: 

Certification Geography
NEC/CEC (Class/Division) USA, Canada
NEC/CEC (Class/Zone) USA, Canada
ATEX Mandatory in EU, EEA, Turkey and United Kingdom.
Accepted in most countries not listed elsewhere in this table.
INMETRO Brazil (based on IECEx)
IECEx Mandatory in Australia and Israel.
Accepted in most countries not listed elsewhere in this table.

Check our comprehensive guide on explosion proof equipment certifications and where they're recognized.

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Key Features and Benefits:

The XN family offers both LED and traditional fluorescent lighting.

It’s designated as “unrestricted breathing” equipment, reducing maintenance costs.

Easy access and lamp replacement with stainless steel diffuser clips.

It comes in various sizes, suitable for Zone 2/22 and safe area installation.

Optional extended warranty of up to 5 years.

Additional information

ATEX Certification

Ex II 3 GD
Ex nA nC mc IIC T4 Gc
Ex tc IIIC T135°C D


Petrel XN Series


2 x M20, 1 plugged as standard.

Electrical connections

3 wire and earth cable size 4mm2 max. Through wiring versions available

Light Output

Various ranging from 2500 lm-10000lm

Power Supply

220V-240V AC 50/60 Hz as standard


Snap on stainless steel brackets for vertical mounting are included, heavy duty options available


Size 2: 702mm
Size 4: 1312mm
Size 5: 1612mm


Size 2: 2.8kg
Size 4: 3.2kg,
Size 5: 3.4kg.


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