Explosion Proof Work Lights

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Explosion Proof Work Lights

Explosion proof work lights are suited for use in hazardous areas where a potentially explosive atmosphere is present. They come in many shapes and sizes, but which work light suits your needs? We recommend you take the following characteristics into consideration;

The required certification

Quantity of light (in Lumen)
Zoning: Gas or Dust
Run time & charge time
Operational temperature range
IP Code – protection against water etc.
Outdoor or indoor use

Certification & Location

There are many kinds of EX certifications, for example: ATEX work lights and IECEx work lights. The required type of certification depends on the region of the end-user. ATEX work lights are approved for use in Europe, and in most cases, IECEx certified work lights are approved worldwide.  In some non-european countries, ATEX certified products are also accepted.

This is because ATEX products are usually very similar to IECEx products. For this reason, most ATEX lighting products offered by Cobic-Ex are ATEX & IECEx certified.

If you have any doubts about the required certification, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Explosion Proof Work light Manufacturers

Currently Cobic-Ex supplies explosion proof work lights manufactured by Nightsearcher Ltd. based in the United Kingdom. Nightsearcher are specialised in various specific lighting solutions, including work lights. In addition to that we also offer lights by United States based manufacturer Peli.

Intrinsically safe work lights

Intrinsically safe is a term commonly used in the United Kingdom. In practice intrinsically safe work lights are a synonym for explosion proof work lights. Before the Brexit (the United Kingdom leaving the European Union) intrinsically safe work lights were certified according to the ATEX directive. As a result of the Brexit, the United Kingdom has introduced UKCA, which also has a section that deals with explosion safety. Therefore in the future, intrinsically safe work lights will need to be UKCA approved, when destined for use in the United Kingdom.