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Ex-Machinery ATEX keyboard

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This ATEX keyboard is an intrinsically safe keyboard compatible with windows 7, 8, 10 and iOS/ Android.

Furthermore, this keyboard is able to pair with cellphones, but also with laptops and desktop PC’s. With only one press of a button, the keyboard is paired with the aforementioned device.

Zone 2 ATEX
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In which ATEX zone can I use this keyboard?


This ATEX keyboard is certified for use in ATEX zone 2. In ATEX zone 2 there is a minimal risk regarding an atmosphere with gas explosions during normal operations. In ATEX zones, intrinsically safe equipment always has to be used, since non-ATEX equipment could be a source of ignition, causing an explosion. Workers can operate safely in hazardous areas with this keyboard.

Measurements and Design


The ATEX keyboard measures in at 29.5 centimeters in width and 14.7 centimeters in length, so this means that this keyboard is compact. The keyboard itself is only 1.8 centimer thick and the feet are made of rubber. Therefore, the keyboard is not able to slip away when placed on a certain surface. The casing of the intrinsically safe keyboard is fully sealed. This means that dust and moisture is not collected under or between the keys. That is also why the ATEX keyboard is easily cleanable. We recommend cleaning the keyboard outside the haradous area.

Additional information

Dimensions 14.7 × 29.5 × 1.8 cm


International Protection Rating



3×11 ms pulses of 50g on each of 3 axis

Key Switch

Material Industrial Silicone Rubber LIFE: Greater than 10 million cycles.
Travel: 0.055″
Actuation Force: 7.05 oz +/- 1.06 oz (200g +/- 30g)
Feedback: Tactile with Mechanical Snap


Rechargable Lithium Ion Battery


1.2 +/- 0.10 lbs (0.54 +/- 0.05kg)


1 Year Limited Warranty

Model Number



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