Geographic Acceptance of Explosion Proof Certification

This table provides a quick reference to common explosion proof (Ex) equipment certifications and their typical geographic acceptance. Please note, certification acceptance may differ due to local regulations. For the most accurate information, consult local authorities or our experts.

Table: Ex Certification Per Country


Certification Description Geography Accepted
ATEX European directive for equipment used in explosive atmospheres; mandatory within the European Economic Area, United Kingdom, and Turkey. Mandatory in EU, European Economic Area (Iceland, Norway, Switzerland), Turkey and United Kingdom.
Accepted in most countries not listed elsewhere in this table.
IECEx International standard for explosive atmospheres; voluntary in most countries but written into law in some, such as Australia and Israel. Mandatory in Australia and Israel
Accepted in most countries not listed elsewhere in this table.
NEC/CEC (Class/Division) National Electrical Code for the US/Canadian Electrical Code; primarily used in the USA and Canada. USA and Canada
NEC/CEC (Class/Zone) A newer approach aligning more closely with IEC standards; recognized in regions with zoned classification systems. USA and Canada
INMETRO Brazilian certification for equipment used in hazardous locations; may accept IECEx test reports. Brazil
GOST Ex Russian certification for explosive atmospheres; very similar to ATEX directive. Russia, some CIS countries (e.g. Kazakhstan)
CCOE/PESO Certification for hazardous area equipment in India; often based on ATEX/IECEx. India
KOSHA Korean certification for equipment in explosive atmospheres. South Korea
GB Standards Chinese national standards for explosive atmospheres. China
UKEX New certification for equipment used in explosive atmospheres in the UK, starting December 2024. United Kingdom


Why is it important to choose between different hazardous area certifications?

Understanding the geographic reach of Ex certifications is crucial for businesses that operate in hazardous locations around the globe. Our guide provides detailed insights into the global acceptance of explosion-proof certification, including ATEX certification acceptance in the European Economic Area and IECEx global recognition.

Whether you’re dealing with NEC/CEC compliance areas in North America or seeking information on INMETRO certification validity in Brazil, we have the country-specific Ex approval data you need. Dive into our resources to discover the international Ex certification guide, learn about Ex marking and global use, and stay informed about Ex safety standards and acceptance across different regions.

Our comprehensive overview ensures that you’re knowledgeable about the worldwide Ex compliance and the certified explosion proof devices applicable to your operations.

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Deciphering the right Ex certifications for your business can be complex. If you need clarity on ATEX, IECEx, or NEC/CEC certifications and their acceptance across different regions, our experts are here to help.

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