Underwater Kinetics

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Underwater Kinetics specializes in explosion proof lighting solutions, offering products that are certified for intrinsic safety and non-incendive requirements.

Their range includes intrinsically safe lights certified for Division 1 environments, non-incendive lights certified for Division 2 environments, and a variety of specialty lights designed for industrial use. For European customers, UWK also offers the same lights with ATEX certification.

Best UWK Torches

Overview of some specific models and their features:

  • UK 4AA eLED RFL Intrinsically Safe Flashlight: This flashlight is known for its high intensity and affordability, providing significant illumination with 225 lumens of high-output LED light, ideal for work environments requiring safe, powerful lighting.
  • UK 3AAA Vizion I Headlamp Intrinsically Safe Headlamp: Offering versatility and safety, this headlamp is designed for environments where combustible elements are present, emphasizing the importance of using lighting that matches the safety rating of the workspace.
  • UK 4AA Xenon Safety Certified Flashlight: This model combines the reliability of xenon bulbs with the safety certifications necessary for hazardous environments, providing a dependable light source.
  • UK 2AAA eLED Mini Pocket Light I Intrinsically Safe Flashlight: Compact and powerful, this flashlight is designed for use in confined spaces where safety and space are paramount, offering a convenient and safe lighting solution.
  • UK 4AA eLED CPO Intrinsically Safe Flashlight: Durable and designed for challenging jobs, this flashlight features high-impact construction and a patented optical system for a focused beam, making it ideal for industrial and hazardous environments.