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ATEX Wi-Fi Antenna

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The ATEX Wi-Fi Antenna is an explosion proof antenna and includes an ATEX zone 2 certification. The antenna provides a stable Wi-Fi connection in hazardous areas.

Check the top-left corner of the product image for certifications. For the latest details, refer to the datasheet or contact us. Generally, these certifications apply to the following regions: 

Certification Geography
NEC/CEC (Class/Division) USA, Canada
NEC/CEC (Class/Zone) USA, Canada
ATEX Mandatory in EU, EEA, Turkey and United Kingdom.
Accepted in most countries not listed elsewhere in this table.
INMETRO Brazil (based on IECEx)
IECEx Mandatory in Australia and Israel.
Accepted in most countries not listed elsewhere in this table.

Check our comprehensive guide on explosion proof equipment certifications and where they're recognized.

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Key features and benefits

  • ATEX zone 2 and 22 certified
  • The Wi-Fi signal is able to go through steel and concrete
  • Shipping is worldwide
  • Subtle design, suited for outdoor and indoor applications

The ATEX Wi-Fi Antenna provides full Wi-Fi coverage in ATEX zones. The Antenna itself is designed for use in Zone 2 and 22, but if the product is combined with a special HF-barrier, it also allowed to be used Zone 0 and 20.

A coaxial cable is available to connect the ATEX antenna to a non-ATEX Wi-Fi access point. The cable has a maximum length of 25 metres. For longer distances or a coverage without a loss, we advise to use an intrinsically safe ATEX Wi-Fi access point.

Additional information



Power Supply

PoE, 12/24 V DC


Dual band, 2400-2500 / 5150-5850 MHz

Wire Line

Cat6/FTP via RJ45 or fibre optics


2 or 3 pre-assembled antennas

EU Directive

2014/34/EU (ATEX 114)

Applied standards

EN 60079-0; Explosive atmospheres – Part 0: Equipment – General requirements
EN 60079-15; Explosive atmospheres – Part 15 : Equipment protection by type of protection "n"
EN 60079-31; Explosive atmospheres – Part 31: Equipment dust ignition protection by enclosure "t"

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