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Cobic-Ex offers a range of fully rugged hazardous area tablets for use in explosive atmospheres, by Getac. Explosion proof tablets are a great way to enhance productivity and ensure safety. Getac offers an extensive range of Ex tablets, commonly used in oil refineries, food factories, drilling rigs, or in the chemical industry. Cobic-Ex aims to help you choose which specifications and certifications suit your specific requirement.

Certifications: IECEx vs. ATEX

Every explosion proof tablet has a certain hazardous area classification, based on the level of danger in the explosive atmosphere and the geographical location. Often, explosion proof tablets are also referred to as intrinsically safe tablets or hazardous area tablets. In essence, intrinsic safety is a protection method often used when designing hazardous area tablets. This might be confusing but essentially, all synonyms refer to the same type of device. Another synonym that is commonly used is ‘Ex tablet’.

ATEX Tablets

ATEX certification is a European standard, made for countries that are members of the European Union. However, ATEX tablets are also commonly accepted outside of Europe, for example in Africa or the Middle East.

ATEX tablets are suited for one or more ATEX zones: 0, 1, 2, 20, 21 or 22. The hazardous area classification, or ATEX zone, must match the hazardous area classification of the area in which it will be used. Getac tablets are suited for ATEX zone 2 & 22. The following table explains the difference between ATEX zones in brief.

If you require more information about selecting the right ATEX tablet for your zone, please contact us or read up on our detailed blog on ATEX.

Explosive atmosphere in industrial area ATEX Zone Gas ATEX Zone Dust
Continually present 0 20
Occurs occasionally during normal operation 1 21
Not likely to occur during normal operation and only for short durations 2 22

IECEx Tablets

IECEx certification is very similar to ATEX, however, IECEx tablets may be used worldwide, because the certification is internationally recognized. This especially applies to Canada and the United States. IECEx also comes with third-party certification for zones 2 & 22, which is not mandatory under the ATEX directive. This means that a notified body has tested and approved the protection methods. All explosion proof Getac tablets are certified under both the ATEX and IECEx directives, by a notified body.


Use Cases & Applications.

Intrinsically safe tablets are becoming more widely used in explosive atmospheres, as part of Industry 4.0. Mobility products are very popular in industrial sites because they reduce downtime and maintenance costs. Our customers are using the Ex tablets in the following ways:

  • Video calls between on-site maintenance personnel and engineers
  • Logging data as part of maintenance inspections
  • Camera functionality: the Getac tablets have very capable cameras, so the maintenance personnel will not need to carry a separate camera along with the tablet


Software: Android vs. Windows?

Both Windows and Android explosion proof tablets are commonly used in explosive atmospheres because of their portability and functionality. Windows tablets are especially good for running customized software and when seamless integration with existing it-infrastructure is a must. It’s also preferred for running demanding applications on-site, for example, CAD.

Android intrinsically safe tablets, on the other hand, offer a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, as well as a wide selection of apps. They are also very capable when connecting to a company database through a web app, through the browser. Often Android Ex tablets are smaller and more lightweight, which makes them ideal for tasks like warehouse management.


Hardware Specifications

After selecting the correct operating system (OS), it is also important to choose the right hardware. Please consider the following specifications and options when making your choice:

  • Battery capacity. Generally, Windows consumes more energy compared to Android. Please note that recharging devices within a hazardous area is not allowed.
  • Processor speed and memory. The processor determines how quickly the explosion tablets respond to input. We recommend choosing Windows with a high-tier processor when the tablet will often run demanding software. The same is true for the internal memory.
  • Front and rear cameras, more megapixels are better if the camera will be used often.
  • Ruggedness and size. All Getac ATEX tablets are extremely durable and rugged, but size also matters. Carrying a heavy device is not always ideal.


Warranty & Repairs

Getac offers a 3-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, which also includes accidents as a standard, which can be expected in industrial areas. In Europe, Getac will Pack & Collect your hazardous area tablet, after which it will be repaired in one of the in-house rapid repair centers. This means the unit will be good to use again within a matter of days.

Selecting the explosion proof tablet that suits your requirements

In brief, Cobic-Ex offers robust Getac tablets, certified for both ATEX and IECEx standards, ensuring safe and efficient use in explosive atmospheres. The intrinsically safe tablets excel in various industry 4.0 applications, optimizing mobility and data management. Whether Windows or Android, all intrinsically safe tablets offer seamless operations. Consider factors like battery life, processing power, and ruggedness for hardware selection. Backed by a three-year warranty, Getac ensures swift repairs, minimizing downtime.