ATEX Hazardous Substances Container

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VMCR’s ATEX Storage Units offer safe housing for hazardous substances offshore, with climate control, ATEX Zone 1 lighting, and proper ventilation. Choose from 10 or 20 ft models, with reliable features by Cobic-Ex and Ex-Machinery.

Check the top-left corner of the product image for certifications. For the latest details, refer to the datasheet or contact us. Generally, these certifications apply to the following regions: 

Certification Geography
NEC/CEC (Class/Division) USA, Canada
NEC/CEC (Class/Zone) USA, Canada
ATEX Mandatory in EU, EEA, Turkey and United Kingdom.
Accepted in most countries not listed elsewhere in this table.
INMETRO Brazil (based on IECEx)
IECEx Mandatory in Australia and Israel.
Accepted in most countries not listed elsewhere in this table.

Check our comprehensive guide on explosion proof equipment certifications and where they're recognized.

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ATEX Offshore Storage Units

For those in need of dependable storage solutions for hazardous materials on offshore sites, the ATEX Offshore Storage Units present a practical and secure option. Made by Netherlands-based manufacturer VMCR Solutions. Available in 10 ft and 20 ft sizes, these containers are designed with explosion safety in mind, meeting the rigorous standards required for offshore safety and providing you with the confidence to store hazardous materials securely.

Key Features:

  • Explosion Safe: Each unit is constructed to adhere to ATEX regulations
  • Optional: Explosion proof lighting, ventilation and climate control.
  • Customizable: The interior layout can be tailored to match your particular storage requirements.
  • Offshore-Ready: Engineered specifically for the harsh conditions of offshore environments.

Practical Information: Our ATEX Units are compact yet prioritize safety, making them ideal for space-constrained offshore locations. Both the 10 ft and 20 ft models are constructed for durability, ensuring longevity even in demanding conditions. The containers offer ease of placement and relocation, allowing flexibility for your storage site. To find out how these units can be customized and receive a pricing estimate, simply request a quote.

In Summary:

  • Choose from 10 ft or 20 ft containers for explosion-safe storage suitable for offshore.
  • Personalize your unit to meet your exact storage needs.
  • Explore options and get a tailored quote to fit your specific situation.

We recognize the unique challenges of storing hazardous goods, particularly in the offshore sector. With our ATEX Offshore Storage Units, you benefit from a solution that balances safety, practicality, and compliance with safety standards. Let us assist you in addressing your storage needs effectively and safely.

Additional information

ATEX Certification

Varies with options. Inside the container all equipment is rated Zone 1.


VMCR Container

Light source

Customize your desired Ex light


Done by VMCR


10 – 20 ft


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